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Misty Book 02 TPB

Two identical tower blocks, known as ‘The Sentinels’ to the locals, stand tall over the town of Birdwood – but only one is occupied while the other remains mysteriously empty.

Preço 13,20 €

Kamen Rider:...

The first western graphic novel adaptation of Kamen Rider Zero-One TV series, currently airing on Shout Factory in the US.

Preço 16,97 €

Bungo Stray Dogs...

Having been kicked out of the orphanage, a despairing young man by the name of Atsushi Nakajima rescues a strange man from a suicide attempt--Osamu Dazai.

Preço 12,25 €

Ultimate Invasion...

War breaks out as timelines and universes collide! Iron Man must choose between the lesser of two evils—the Maker or Kang.

Preço 9,42 €

Ms. Marvel: The...

Ms. Marvel’s mission makes her a target for Orchis, but they have no idea they’re looking for a completely normal teenage girl in their summer science program.

Preço 4,72 €

Miles Morales:...

Miles Morales and his family have moved to a new not-so-friendly neighborhood—for the likes of Spider-Man, that is.

Preço 4,72 €


In the whole Marvel-Verse, nobody is as skilled a hunter as Kraven — and these are the tales that show how nobody is safe from his predatory prowess!

Preço 10,37 €

King in Black:...

An untold tale of the young Sub-Mariner — and the dark, chilling birth of one of Atlantis’ greatest villains!

Preço 15,08 €

Guardians Of The...

The galaxy needs guardians! As the Marvel Universe is rocked by another Annihilation event, Peter Quill suits up as Star-Lord — and joins the fight alongside a motley crew including Mantis, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Preço 42,44 €

Dark X-Men 2 (Of 5)

The Dark X-Men’s first "rescue mission" ended in blood and flame, the team is already at each other’s throats, and the fallen now rise against them.

Preço 4,72 €

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