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Filtros ativos

King in Black:...

An untold tale of the young Sub-Mariner — and the dark, chilling birth of one of Atlantis’ greatest villains!

Preço 15,08 €

Gargoyles: Dark...

As Angel languishes in chains, Mentor comes to the rescue - but this escape attempt may cause more harm than good.

Preço 5,90 €

Blue Book Vol. 1 TPB

An ambitious, non-fiction comic book experience depicting true stories of UFO abductions with an eye to capturing the strange essence of those encounters.

Preço 24,52 €

King Spawn 25

Spawn is back on the streets and on the hunt for a creature that is terrorizing the homeless population of New York City.

Preço 3,76 €

Knight Terrors:...

As the nightmare rages on and the monstrous versions of the team roam the halls of Titans Tower, a young girl finds herself trapped inside the building.

Preço 5,90 €

Knight Terrors:...

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, along with the DCU’s other heroes, have escaped the Nightmare Realm only to find the Nightmare League has followed them home!

Preço 6,59 €

Knight Terrors 4...

Insomnia searches the nightmares of all the heroes for his precious Nightmare Stone and keeps on coming up empty-clawed!

Preço 4,72 €

Moon Knight: City...

Tearing through the City of the Dead on his quest to rescue a young runaway, Moon Knight must grapple with his past when he turns to an unlikely source for aid—LAYLA EL-FOULY, A.K.A. the SCARLET SCARAB!

Preço 4,72 €

Blade 1 - SDCC...

Marvel’s slickest vampire hunter returns in a brand new ongoing by Bryan Hill (KILLMONGER) and Elena Casagrande (BLACK WIDOW)! True evil is patient.

Preço 7,54 €

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