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Underheist 1 (Of 5)

After his gambling addiction brings David to the lowest point in his life and decimates his personal life, he'd do anything for one last chance at setting things right but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Preço 4,72 €

Star Trek 15

Prepared to do whatever it takes to make peace with the war-worshipping Tzenkethi and outmaneuver the Romulan Empire as their ally, Captain Sisko and his crew work alongside Tzenkethi warleader Kav'ka and Romulan Magistrex T'Galatheon to ready capitol defenses in preparation for the deadly Festival of Supremacy.

Preço 5,90 €

The Space Between...

10 years after Bee and Pari's story began, The Dodona is in trouble, potentially even drifting off course! Even minor miscalculations can spell disaster.

Preço 5,90 €

Slow Burn 3 (Of 5)

Patti needs Roxanne's help, and is even willing to offer her money in return. They'll have to wade through the mists together if it means finding Zach in town.

Preço 4,72 €

Rare Flavours 3...

Chaandni Chowk in Delhi may be relatively new concerning the breadth of history, but it's built on the bones of the 400 year old Mughal Capital, a representation of the new intermingling with the old.

Preço 4,72 €

Masters of the...

A Battle for the Soul of Anwat Gar! As General Storm's soldiers close in on King Randor, He-Man and Teela make their stand against the evil polluting the heart of the island

Preço 4,72 €

Dungeons &...

After the shocking conclusion of last issue, Finder finds themselves undergoing some big changes, but there's no time to dwell on the past when they must test their luck against a group of assassins in Sigil's most famous casino!

Preço 4,72 €

Coda 4 (Of 5)

As Hum ruminates on his personal connection to stories of the past and how it left him in his current state, the threads of connectedness continue to weave through the tale as he wrestles with feelings over his own body.

Preço 5,90 €

Book of Butcher 1...

Leading into the fifth anniversary of Something Is Killing The Children and building on last year's Book of Slaughter, Maxine Slaughter steps into the spotlight in her journey from White to Black Mask.

Preço 10,37 €

Timeless 1...


Preço 7,54 €

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