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Rare Flavours 3...

Chaandni Chowk in Delhi may be relatively new concerning the breadth of history, but it's built on the bones of the 400 year old Mughal Capital, a representation of the new intermingling with the old.

Preço 4,72 €

Masters of the...

A Battle for the Soul of Anwat Gar! As General Storm's soldiers close in on King Randor, He-Man and Teela make their stand against the evil polluting the heart of the island

Preço 4,72 €

Invasive 1

Beyond excess, beyond ethics, beyond science . . . Enter a terrifying new experiment in pain.

Preço 5,90 €

Negaduck 2

Here's the good news: Negaduck has found the sorceress Morgana! And the bad news? Morgana attacks Negaduck with an army of bats and spiders!

Preço 4,72 €

Hunt for the...

The bizarre, true history of Gorman Ranch continues as Tom and Ellen witness things they can't explain, and are desperate to find answers as they have no choice but to stay and try to make farm life work.

Preço 5,90 €

Harriet Tubman:...

Django Unchained meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer in David Crownson's Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer, a supernatural comic series based on the true life of the freedom fighter herself that is flavored with genre liberties in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Preço 5,90 €

Gargoyle By...

Cursed to turn into a gargoyle every night, Gary Doyle fights creepy-crawly demons, all the while determined not to let these battles turn him into a monster.

Preço 6,59 €

Coda 2 (Of 5)

Hum and the Sprigganist come into conflict as an unexpected death leads not to a doomed movement... but new, twisted promises of paradise....

Preço 5,90 €

Blood Tree Vol. 1...

BLOOD TREE stars two obsessed NYPD detectives on the hunt for a vicious butcher called the Angel Killer, a sociopath who preys on innocent family members of known murderers in order to “purify" the rest of society.

Preço 16,03 €

Army of Darkness...

After it debuted in 1993, the classic Sam Raimi film Army of Darkness quickly became the most beloved movie of the popular Evil Dead franchise. And with the launch of their Army of Darkness comics in 2005, Dynamite set a new standard for the indefatigable Ash Williams's adventures in any medium!

Preço 4,72 €

Red Sonja 1 -...

Following directly from the pages of Red Sonja #0, the She-Devil finds herself on the run, framed for murder, and with an unseen force tugging at the back of her mind.

Preço 6,59 €

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